Steel Doors and Strip Curtains


PVC strip curtains are an excellent cost effective barrier for heat, dust, pest and sound control, and are suitable for any size of opening or location.
Applications for PVC strip curtain include industrial, warehouse, food environments, cold rooms, refrigerated vehicles, welding screens, sound attenuation booths, partitions, hospitals and agricultural buildings.

PVC strip curtain is available in clear, various colour’s and tints, in a simple “ready to hang” system

With recent increases in heating costs, there has never been a better time to buy PVC strip curtain.

Steel Doors are suitable for use as a fire escape, personnel access or in a number of industrial applications such as bin stores, electrical cupboards and plant rooms.

10 Point Locking System, 6 of the locking points are connected to the steel bars which are linked to the master lock mechanism, the master lock itself has 4 substantial locking points. There are a total of 8 keys provided with each door, 6 are sealed and for the customer’s exclusive use, the other 2 are used by the installers. Once the door is installed, the customer’s sealed keys will immediately change the combination of the lock, preventing any further use of the 2 installer’s keys. This adds further level of security.

  • 4 Heavy Duty Steel Hinges
  • Anti Jemmy Studs
  • Wheel Chair Access the Threshold is stainless steel and complies with local authority directives for wheel chair users.
  • Insulation the doors are insulated with glass wool in accordance with British Standards directives BS EN 1634-1:2000

External Steel Doors

Our “FDA” steel door is an entry level external security door offering exception value for this industry leading specification. The “FDA” is custom manufactured in the UK, with an average lead time of only 3 weeks.
The doors are available in a wide range of sizes from 690mm-1340mm wide single doors and 1000mm – 2600mm double doors and from 1500-2800mm high.
To enhance this doors security performance each door comes with a protection astragal that is formed flush as part of the outside face of the door leaf.
The frame ( or on double doors the inactive leaf) has a step in its edge to ensure that the astragal is able to sit flush making it more difficult to attack than other door types with either no astragal or a joggled astragals.

The doors are also hung on four stainless steel hinges complete with security dog bolts. The doors are supplied with four fixing points per side which sit behind the door leaf meaning that they are protected whether the door is fitted inward or outward opening. Each door is supplied with our variable sub frame cloaking the gap between the building structure and the main door frame, further protecting the door fixings from external attack.

The FDA doors are supplied fully assembled with hardware fitted as standard which when combined with our adjustable fixing feet and variable sub frame drastically reduces the installation time on site which in turn adds value to a project. The single fix design of our doors can offer great cost savings when priced against overall installation times for timber and the inherent durability of steel means that in areas of high traffic or potential abuse the “whole life” cost of a steel door outweighs that of a timber door set.

We can offer our External doors either primer finished, powder coated or wet spray finished

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